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Please read comments from other people and organizations who worked with Bottle Dancers USA before. After each performance we contact our clients and ask if they were satisfied with our show. We are very proud of our work and its quality.

November 2018, Hyatt Regency, Greenwich, CT

Dear Bottle Dancers,
We wanted to thank you guys SO much for the incredible performance at our wedding last Saturday night. You guys did a wonderful, wonderful job and it was such an awesome addition to our wedding. The guests LOVED it and we got so many compliments afterward specifically about you guys.
Also, I really want to thank you for the ways in which you personalized it for us. First of all, everything worked exactly as I'd envisioned in terms of how you guys started - so many people just thought you were friends of mine! (In part because I'm an actor, so it is conceivable that I have friends who are dancers, and also because I had done a surprise song just before you entered which actual friends of mine did do a dance to). But nevertheless, it did not seem like you were performers or putting on a show - it felt spontaneous and like you were guests, and that is exactly what I wanted. I was so happy with how many people asked if you were friends of mine!
I also really appreciated that you worked with the edited track - for me this helped with the above effect so much because it cut out the dialogue bits on the soundtrack and also the more 'showy' part of your routine [which I'm sure is great for some people].
Lastly, I really appreciated that you guys all learnt the Mezinka dance and helped people. You all did it exactly right, but unfortunately, the band did something unexpected - they repeated the last stanza twice, which not only made the steps out of sync, but I didn't have steps for the final repetition. So in the end, most people couldn't really follow the dance, but of course they just thought that was their own fault, not that the band or the dancers were doing anything wrong! Nevertheless, it was a nice touch, and many people enjoyed it as well! (And once the song went onto the Miserlou and Hava Nagila, the steps worked again).
So all in all, you guys were great, and if there is anywhere you'd like me to leave a review or something, I would be happy to. Thank you so, so much for helping to make our wedding such a special event with that extra bit of Yiddishkeit :)
With grattitude,
Michael & Tomer

June 2009, Main Line Reform Temple, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

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April 2009, Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel, South Orange, New Jersey

Bottle dancers USA recommendation letter 09

February 7, 2009. Trump National Golf Course, Briarcliff, New York

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March 29, 2008. Princess Chateau
111 Route 46 West, Lodi, NJ 07644

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November 4, 2007. Strike Long Island.
1350 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

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Recommendation letter 5
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Recommendation letter 2

Date: Mon, 15 May 2006
Subject: Re: Dylan's Bar Mitzvah
To: Mikhail Smirnov

Hi Mikhail

The Bottle Dancers were a big hit...they were really terrific as far as dancing went...they were on time ... None of my guests had ever seen anything like them and thought it was a great idea and very different! I thank does Dylan



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